Make Hand Washing Fun!

Now let’s get wild and creative – let’s make handwashing fun! Install Safewash20! Challenge your friends or family to do the same – it’s a great way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time! Remember, handwashing might just be one of the best tools we have for keeping our families safe from germs. But for children, handwashing might feel like a chore!

Having fun while handwashing isn’t just about keeping germs away – it can also be a way to bond, have a teachable moment, and share some laughs with your loved ones! So get your Safewash20 ready, and let’s all have some fun while learning to properly wash our hands!

It’s no surprise that handwashing is one of the most important things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from germs. Why not have a little handwashing challenge? Once the installation of Safewash20 is completed, challenge your kids to video each other while using Safewash20. Twenty seconds is the recommended handwashing time, have fun using Safewash20!

So wave and wash to a healthier future!

Now that Safewash20 has made handwashing an enjoyable activity, let’s take it a step further, share your Safewash20 routine on social media, tag us, and show others how you have made handwashing a part of your daily routine with Safewash20. We can all wash our hands for the recommended – 20 seconds simply wave and wash! This way, we’ll know that handwashing is being done right, every time while lowering the spread of germs significantly. Who knows, maybe handwashing will become your new favorite activity.

Clean Hands = Happy Hands

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