Businesses testing Safewash20 are raving about the positive feedback from patrons and staff! Customers have reported greater peace of mind and a noticeably higher level of hygiene when selecting to shop and dine at locations with Safewash20 installed. One customer even commented, “It’s like going back to five-star service!” Companies are thrilled with the convenience, safety, handsfree, and cleanliness that the Safewash20 device brings to their business. Testimonials from Safewash20 users show this is the ultimate solution for a worry-free, safe shopping and dining experience.

Business locations from restaurants to collaborative workspaces to healthcare facilities are experiencing the tremendous benefit of installing Safewash20 devices at every sink. Staff at a local senior living center stated, “These devices are making our jobs better by ensuring not only the staff washes for a full, safe twenty seconds but visitors and residents too.” A local Collaborative workspace has had similar experiences, “Members comment on how cool it is the Safewash20 device is installed. Further, the ‘music makes it fun.’

The positive response to Safewash20 has been overwhelming, and businesses everywhere are pre-ordering the Safewash20 device and can’t wait to install it. Business owners are excited to take the necessary steps to keep their community safe with Safewash20.

Join the Safewash20 revolution today and provide your customers with unbeatable peace of mind while shopping or dining in your establishment. Pre-Order your Safewash20 device today.

Happy washing!

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