There is so much that goes into a healthy lifestyle; yes, it is a lifestyle. We always search for new ways to work out or move our bodies to get more energy and stay healthy. We must move our bodies to keep our muscular skeleton system in proper working order. The efforts we make to keep our insides healthy are important. Yet we cannot miss the outside health of our bodies as it is just as important.

Outwardly our bodies need sunshine and a clean healthy environment. Having a clean healthy environment includes using non-toxic cleaners, wiping high-touch surfaces, and being aware of the surroundings that maybe not get cleaned so often. All of these assist us in keeping clean, reducing the spread of germs, and being in a healthy environment. Yet one of the simplest things we can do multiple times per day is to wash our hands.

There have been so many stories on how to wash our hands, so much so that we are almost numb to it. Yet, scientific studies prove this is the most effective way to stop the spread of germs and viruses and today we only wash our hands on average ten seconds. Just like starting and maintaining your exercise routine and then sometimes slacking off in effort, being sure to wash your hands properly can be similar and one can become complacent. However, knowing exercise is good for your inner body and keeps you healthy, you stick to it. Let’s do the same for our outer body, let’s focus on safe, effective handwashing to keep the healthy lifestyle choice we have committed to daily.

In order to wash our hands safely and effectively, we need to start with the basics. The basics of handwashing are easy and take a full twenty seconds to complete. Yep…just twenty seconds each time you wash your hands.

Safewash20 is a great device that assists you in your healthy lifestyle choice! It is a hands-free battery-operated (included) countdown timer that helps you wash for a full, safe twenty seconds. The installation of Safewash20 is easy and fast. The Safewash20 device comes with two ways to install, one – a backplate that can be screwed into your wall (anchors, screws, level included,) or two – use 3M Command strips (included) to install on your wall, mirror, or another preferred surface by your sink. Once your backing plate is installed, you simply line up the tabs on the back of the device, with your thumb firmly press down on the bottom front of the unit, and with your other hand slide the unit downwards and the unit snaps into place. Simple, easy, and fast!

Today, the statistics are out that Americans on average only wash their hands for ten seconds. That is still not safe. Safewash20 allows a simple wave (which activates the timer,) short delay for you to turn the water on and apply soap to your hands, the countdown timer begins and you vigorously wash your hands while the countdown timer reaches zero and voilà, you have washed your hands a full, safe twenty seconds. Again, simple, easy, and fast!

Keeping your healthy lifestyle choice at the forefront of your mind, and making wise choices for what you put into your body is just as important as how you treat the outside of your body. A simple supplement to this healthy lifestyle choice is installing Safewash20 today.

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