Safewash20 makes the task of teaching others to wash their hands for the full twenty seconds a lot easier. This fun and interactive device provides an entertaining way to learn and practice proper handwashing techniques. With its creative design, it’s appealing to everyone.

With Safewash20, users simply wave, once they have wet their hands and apply soap, which lights up the twenty-second countdown timer. This fun and easy-to-use tool helps instill proper handwashing habits in children, parents, and any other user – regardless of age.

Additionally, Safewash20 promotes better hygiene habits overall by making washing hands a fun task rather than a chore. With engaging visuals and a great tune playing, twenty seconds are up before you know it! This device is a great tool for teaching proper handwashing techniques in any environment. If you are a cook in the kitchen, a parent using a public restroom with your child, or looking for a fun way to teach proper handwashing with a super easy and fun device, then Safewash20 is the device you use want to have installed.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to teach others how to wash their hands safely, Safewash20 is your go-to solution! Its intuitive design and interactive timer make handwashing a fun experience for all ages. With Safewash20, you can help ensure everyone is always washing their hands the right way!

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