As a senior citizen facility director or community member, you understand the importance of protecting senior citizens from life-threatening germs. Safewash20 is an easy-to-install system that ensures clean hands for all your senior residents and their families. It can be placed in public restrooms, kitchen areas, and private rooms to provide added confidence and protection from germs.

Arlene, a resident in a senior living community, states, “I find it refreshing that a device like Safewash20 can be so effective. If I don’t use it, then I am wondering if I washed my hands properly. I am so glad I have it in my apartment bathroom.” Another resident Gerry, states, “ When covid hit our place it was hard not to see other residents. I am glad we don’t have to do that again! I make sure I wash my hands and use the Safewash20 timer to help me make sure I wash right.”

Your senior residents and their families will feel more at ease knowing that Safewash20 is in place, giving them enhanced peace of mind. Plus, your medical staff and food handlers will benefit from the added safety it provides. Installing Safewash20 helps you to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for senior citizens and their families. Show your senior residents that you care and enhance your image in the community by installing Safewash20 today!

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