Mayo- Clinic Staff shared in their article, “Frequent Hand-washing is One of the Best Ways to Avoid Getting Sick and Spreading Illness” that hand-washing is an easy and effective way to prevent the spread of infection. It’s especially important to wash your hands often during cold and flu season or when you’re around sick people. Make sure that you and your family understand when to wash your hands and how to help your children develop the habit of regular hand-washing. Installing a SafeWash20 device can make this a fun, easy step in battling germs.

If you’re having difficulty convincing your children to wash their hands frequently, encourage them by setting a good example and emphasizing the importance of preventing illness, and installing a Safewash20 device will make it easy and fun! Take time to explain why hand-washing is necessary and have fun with it – play a game to see how quickly your kids adapt to using your SafeWash20 device, or a little contest for who gets the activate the SafeWash20 first.

If your favorite restaurant doesn’t have SafeWash20 installed, talk to them and help them to keep the community safe by encouraging them to install the SafeWash20 device in their kitchen and restrooms. This is a simple and easy step to keeping the community they serve safe while keeping the spreading of germs to a minimum!

The best to wash your hands is with soap and water, but if that’s not available, an alcohol-based sanitizer can be used. To use hand sanitizer properly: apply a palmful to the hands and rub until completely dry. Make sure to apply enough sanitizer so that it covers all surfaces of your hands and fingers. Washing your hands regularly is just one of the simple steps you can take to help protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Stay healthy by washing your hands regularly – it’s an easy way to prevent infection!

For more information on hand-washing and the SafeWash20 device, check out our website: www.SafeWash20.com. By investing in a SafeWash20 device, you can be sure that your family will remain safe and healthy during cold and flu season! With its easy installation, entertainment features, and automatic countdown timer, you’ll keep your family safe for years to come.

Adopt the habit of hand-washing today and prevent the spread of illness in your home! Help protect yourself and others from getting sick by washing your hands with soap and water regularly. Installing a SafeWash20 device is an easy way to ensure your family is staying healthy and stopping the spread of germs. Make hand-washing fun by playing games or having a contest to see who can use the device first and make sure you understand when and how often to wash your hands. Talk to your favorite restaurant about installing SafeWash20 too, so they can help keep their customers safe! With a few simple steps, you can help keep yourself and your family healthy. Adopt the habit of hand-washing today and prevent the spread of illness in your home!

Happy Washing!

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