Safewash20 is the ideal product to give your Senior Residents and their families confidence in the facility. This product helps ensure that germs are not spread and aids in protecting vulnerable Senior Citizens from life-threatening diseases. With Safewash20 installed in public restrooms, kitchen areas, and private rooms, it’s easy to show your Senior Residents and their families that you care. Adding Safewash20 to your facility will also help enhance your community as one that values safety and cleanliness.

Safewash20 is a great asset for food handlers, servers, and all staff members who come into contact with customers. Installing it near sinks in and around the community allows everyone to have clean hands, thus protecting residents and their visitors. With Safewash20 in your kitchen, you can be sure that your staff is held to a higher standard of hygiene and safety.

Show your Senior Residents and their families that you take their health seriously with the installation of Safewash20. Give them confidence that your facility is taking all the necessary steps to protect them and ensure a clean environment. Safewash20 is the perfect solution for any facility!

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