Washing your hands for a full 20 seconds is the key to keeping yourself safe from germs and bacteria. But it can be hard to remember how long you should wash or to be sure you washed for the full, safe 20 seconds that is recommended! That’s why Safewash20 was created – to help make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned for the full, safe twenty seconds.

Safewash20 is simple and easy to use. Just wave your hand in front of the device, wet your hands, and apply soap. The number 20 appears and music begins to play, the countdown to a full safe 20 seconds has begun. Lather up all surfaces of your hands, between the fingers, wrists, and backs of your hands. Keep going until the Safewash20 device countdown has completed and the music faded.

With Safewash20, you can be confident that your hands are clean and sanitary – so go ahead and make healthy handwashing habits a part of your everyday routine!

Safewash20 makes sure your hands are clean and safe in a simple way. Its innovative design allows you to wash your hands quickly, effectively, and conveniently. With Safewash20, cleanliness is just 20 seconds away! All it takes is a wave to begin to wash for the full safe twenty seconds required.

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