It’s a daunting task to keep your restaurant, office, or healthcare facility spotlessly clean and germ-free. From wiping down surfaces and handling food safely to making sure hands are washed regularly by employees and customers alike, there are plenty of measures that you must take to prevent the spread of germs. As a business owner, taking steps to protect your staff and patrons from infection is essential for creating an environment that is both safe and comfortable for all. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and effort on your part, it’s now possible to greatly reduce the spread of germs. We’re here today to give you all the vital information you need to do exactly that!

Handwashing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to stop the spread of germs, particularly in public places such as restaurants, offices, and healthcare facilities. Proper handwashing practices are essential for maintaining a healthy environment, and this often begins with teaching staff and patrons about proper hygiene protocols. To help make sure that everyone is washing their hands properly, we want to introduce the newest and best product on the market today…Safewash20.

Safewash20 is an innovative motion-activated countdown timer that provides users with a positive and reassuring way to ensure complete handwashing for a full, safe 20 seconds. This easy-to-use device utilizes infrared sensors to detect motion, beginning the countdown with a simple wave of your hand.

Motion activation on Safewash20 allows users to enjoy a touch-free sanitary experience that greatly reduces any risk of possible contamination. A vivid LED digital display located on the face of the device is easily visible, and upon activation, music is triggered to attract attention and encourage use.

By washing your hands for a full, safe 20 seconds, you are doing more than just practicing good hygiene; you are helping to stop the spread of potentially fatal germs. Proper handwashing with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of illnesses.

It is truly astonishing that such a basic practice as proper handwashing could have such a dramatic effect on the health and well-being of individuals all around the world. Sadly, 95% of people fail to do so, leaving them and their loved ones vulnerable to illness. This means that 1 million preventable deaths occur every year due to inadequate handwashing.

Safewash20 is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make sure they are washing their hands for the full recommended 20 seconds. Safewash20 does all of the work for you, counting down from 20 seconds until it reaches 0, coupled with an upbeat tune to make washing your hands enjoyable.

Three steps to use Safewash20 properly:

    • 1. Put soap on your hand and simply wave to active Safewash20.
    • 2. When the timer begins, start scrubbing.
    • 3. When the timer ends, use clean water to rinse off the soap and dry your hands.

    Purchase Safewash20 hand washing devices and show your customers and employees you care about their health and safety.

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