The Key to Safety is in Your Hands.

Give your patients and their families added confidence in your facility when you install Safewash20 in your public restrooms, kitchen areas, and private rooms. Indisposed patients are among the most vulnerable to life-threatening diseases caused by the spread of germs…show them you care. Enhance your image in the community.

Safewash20 reassures that your food handlers, servers and all staff members maintain clean hands for customer safety. In the kitchen, wherever there’s a sink…there’s a Safewash20. This protects your staff, visitors and your patients.

Safewash20 is not just a sign posted on the wall, it’s a device that helps people wash their hands for a full, safe 20 seconds. This has been the health and safety guidelines required by all International Health and Safety Organizations worldwide for decades…

Restroom Hand Wash Signs = a recommendation or suggestion

Safewash20 Device = a “CALL to ACTION”

Safewash20 holds everyone accountable.

WAVE. WASH. 20 Second Digital Countdown to Clean.

Community health and safety is in your hands. Together, we can protect our future.
SAFEWASH20…We need to live differently. Wash 20 seconds. Stay safe.


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