Hover is an American artist who has worked in many disciplines throughout his career including fine art, industrial design, and commercial art. His work as a fine artist is included in many renowned private collections, including the late Salvador Dali, the late Groucho Marx, and Dick Van Dyke. His work is included in many public collections including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Oklahoma Art Center, and the University of Oregon Science Center.
     Hover’s accomplishments as a professional artist/designer have appeared in major publications throughout the United States. Hover’s love of history and architecture led him to restore an 1888 Victorian farmhouse.

Following completion of the project, he was awarded first place in the United States for exterior restoration during a ten year period by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington. He was honored to appear as a guest of Joan Lunden on Good Morning America.
     During his career, Hover taught an accelerated, college-preparatory Art and Design Education Program which was endorsed by Dr. Richard Mühlberger, Former Detroit Institute of Arts Chairman of Education. Today, Hover is an established, successful graphic artist and designer. He is continuing to develop new creative commercial products, as his fine art career constantly evolves.


     Yaro is an electrical engineer and entrepreneur, who came to America at the age of nine with his family from Ukraine. As a young entrepreneur, he has turned his passion and idea into a reality by fixing others’ computers and electronics since an early age. With a childhood curiosity for tinkering with electronics and computers, no wonder it became Yaro’s passion as he entered adulthood. Later, Yaro has dedicated his time to studying engineering, and earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit. After graduation, Yaro started his own company, working on various projects and creating solutions for businesses and companies within Michigan. 

With his knowledge of engineering and technology, he partnered on developing products and systems for optimizing business efficiency and productivity.
     With that experience, Yaro was able to grow his skill in product development and management for a competitive market; he has delivered solutions by understanding invisible bottlenecks and leveraging a first-mover mindset. In April 2020, during the initial stages of the global pandemic, Yaro joined Safewash20 and Hover (product innovator) in his pursuit to focus on community health, safety and education. Yaro’s expertise helped bring new creative ideas and features during the product development stage.

Kenn Yancey | National Sales Director

     Kenn is not new to sales.  Kenn can trace his sales and marketing experience all the way back to when he was only 13 years old, when he landed his first sales job at the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium as a concessions vendor.  Kenn was that kid who traversed the stadium yelling…“peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks.” Following those early beginnings, Kenn went on to receive his Business Administration degree.
     During Kenn’s sales career, he was sought after as a professional sales trainer. He was recruited by several national firms to develop team sales skills, and create the necessary sales training manuals for ongoing improved performance. 
Kenn has always been passionate about supporting the success of sales professionals.
     Bob and Kenn have been friends and business associates for more than 42 years! With the launch of Safewash20, Bob had no illusions about who he needed to head up his International Sales Team. So he reached out to Kenn for the position with one direct goal – have a Safewash20 device everywhere there is a handwash sink.
     Maybe it’s no coincidence, but shortly after Bob and Kenn met, they discovered, they were both born in Detroit on the exact same month, day and year. They may be fraternal twins.  Identical twins? – Unlikely.